We provide a creative, positive and engaging class in which babies, toddlers and young
children enjoy their first musical experiences.

In doing so, we inspire a life long love of music, rhyme and stories.

We create an opportunity for children to acquire effective learning skills from an early age e.g. exploration, listening and concentration. It is a fun environment, in which children have an opportunity to improve on prime and specific areas of their learning and development e.g. communication, social skills, physical development, literacy and numeracy.

- Themed weekly classes
- Experienced class leaders
- Musical instruments for all kids
- Puppets & props
- Stories & rhymes
- Parachute & bubble play
- Say 'Hello' to Shongi & Lolo shongololos
- Action songs

Benefits of Wriggling with Us

- Promotes language development
- Enhances communication skills
- Confidence building in a group setting
- Encourages spatial awareness
- Provides an opportunity to bond with your child
- Inspires a life long love of music, rhyme and stories
- Develops social skills through sharing and turn-taking
- ....and it’s lots and LOTS of FUN!